Adelaide Cabaret Festival Isolation

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Isolation

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, fans all over the world will be tuned in online to celebrate the 20Th anniversary of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The celebrations are expected to run until June 20 as cabaret stars all over the world are set to mark the glorious occasions. Due to the restrictions placed on large gatherings, the events will be aired and the fans will watch from the comfort of their homes. Max Savage, a musician participating in the cabaret says that the isolation has inspired some songs he will be performing for his fans. He claims that it will be a different experience performing without a live concert.

A blurb from 'life is a

A blurb from ‘life is a cabaret’ saying what good is sitting alone in your room, was the brief given to the 30 artists invited to take part in the online offering. Some famous artists to perform in the concert include, Robyn Archer, David Campbell, Kate Cabereno and Ali McGregor who are expected to make similar appearance. The Artistic Director Julia Zemiro says that although they were not able to have the scheduled live concert, she was looking forward to celebrating this famous South Australia winter festival online. Fans will still get the chance to dress up, blow bubbles and enjoy the festival in the company of friends and family.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Isolation

People were concerned with how the event will be organized but the management assured them that it will be just as enjoyable. Few changes are expected as the performers will be required to make a collection of video-clips, really creative interpretations of the 2020 the artists. To enhance viewers experience, there will be offers on the popular cabaret couch kit. This kit has special wine and cheese platters and a good selection of drinks consisting of Pol Roger champagne, South Australian wines from the Greenock Estate and local delicacies from Out in the Paddock.

Zemiro on her second and final year as the artistic director, requested the musicians to prepare something little for their fans in regards to the theme. Max Savage, whose genre is mainly jazz, rock and roll, country and soul, says that his new hits ‘sitting alone in my room’ and ‘together and alone’ responds directly to the event’s theme. All the songs were drafted when he was forced to stay home, a direct change from his busy schedule comprising of live gigs and collaborations. He claims that with new pace of things, he come up with a number of old-time slow jazz songs that will be out soon.

Adelaide festival has helped him fill the free time where he can go for practice with a couple of friends for three or four times a week. He adds that although many musicians have been active and creating more songs in the lock down, the music produced will definitely be different from the ones they normally produce. Even with the steps taken to make the festival a success, he says that nothing beats the feel of having a live audience to cheer you on.

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